The producers

La Tête Dans Les Olives

Over ten years ago, Cedric Casanova developed a new value chain for olive groves, based on utilising surpluses of domestic crops, the individuation of olive varieties through identified groves and the creation of a link between the chef and the land. Most of these century-old olive groves have proven origins beginning around 1650. With dedicated groves, worked for a culinary imagination unique to each client, La Tête dans Les Olives makes an important contribution to biodiversity and territorial enhancement.


Since 1829, Bollinger has been developing first-class champagnes with a powerful, refined and complex style. With 174 hectares of Grands and Premiers Crus, Bollinger was the first wine merchant’s estate to receive High Environmental Value certification in 2012. Characteristic of the Bollinger range is always having a majority of Pinot Noir in its blends, classified 100% Grand Cru Pinot Noir. One of the estate’s defining features remains the first fermentation in oak casks. Thanks to small, older casks to allow a controlled oxidation, the wines develop an astonishing ageing potential as well as aromas of a great complexity. Vintages are produced only in exceptional years, and non-vintage wines are created from reserve magnums that have been aged for 5 to 15 years. Bursting with aromas and flavours, they add complexity and regularity to Bollinger champagnes.

Franco Guli

Having trained as a chef, in 2009 Franco Guli chose to pursue his passion for gastronomy by looking for high-quality products from his native Italy. Traditional skills are cultivated, and the seasons and maturation times are respected. Whether producing cold cuts or cheeses, vinegars or polenta, these enthusiasts have all of this in common. The result is rare and limited products.


No. 1 in Russia, Beluga vodka is produced in the Mariinsk distillery, established in 1900 in the heart of Siberia. Beluga makes its own malt spirits from a traditional, almost forgotten distillation process. The malt spirits are made from a 100% natural wheat, with no artificial ferment, the water is extracted from the purest, 300-metre deep artesian springs, the vodkas are then filtered several times in quartz sand and then in vegetable charcoal.


Chambelland was born from a meeting between two men, Thomas Teffri Chambelland, a trained biologist and passionate baker, and Nathaniel Doboin, a marketing professional. Together, they have succeeded in baking using a variety of cereals, including rice, which is naturally gluten-free.
With their own mill in Malijai in the Haute-Provence region which processes exclusively gluten-free, organic flour (rice, buckwheat, millet, and sorghum) and their bakery in Paris, they have established a supply chain that guarantees traceability and consistent quality. Their 100% organic breads certified by ECOCERT, made with wholegrain rice and buckwheat flour, and fermented with natural yeast.

Mas Amiel

A cultural legacy founded in 1815, MAS AMIEL presents an incredible diversity of regions and landscapes. All 130 vineyards each have their own identity (exposure, altitude), soil type (schist, calco-schist, gneiss) and specific grape varieties (Carignan, Grenache, Lladoner Pelut). This meticulous work on the vineyard allows for the creation of a rich collection of sweet and dry wines whose single-vineyard or blended cuvées are distinguished by leading tasters. In 2017, MAS AMIEL obtained the ORGANIC label certifying that organic farming is now practised in all 150 hectares of its vineyards. MAS AMIEL is pursuing this organic path and in 2017 is beginning its first year of official biodynamic conversion by ensuring plant and soil health and cultivating a perfectly healthy grape.


For 3 years, i-grec has been creating and manufacturing fresh, gourmet and natural products in Yvelines, all in a responsible way. Flavour, proximity and quality are the cornerstones of every recipe. The Pot au Lait yoghurt is the product that forged the start-up’s success and fame, successively winning the gold and silver medals at the French agricultural show, the Concours Général Agricole. This dairy speciality is inspired by the recipe for Greek yoghurt combined with jams made by Stéphan Perrotte, producer of the finest fruit preserves in France.


In the heart of Provence, Château Miraval covers 600 hectares surrounded by vineyards, woods and olive groves, near the village of Correns. It is in this exceptional area that the vines are privileged to enjoy warm days and cool nights, bringing freshness and balance to the wines. The Château Miraval grapes are harvested by hand by a faithful team of pickers. The clay and chalk soils are essential in retaining the necessary water supply while at the same time draining excess water, contributing to optimal grape maturation. The Château vineyard is cultivated without the use of a pesticide or herbicide. The tillage and wildlife resulting from this method of cultivation facilitate deep rooting of the vine.
Today, Miraval is the summer residence of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have made it a place dedicated to the arts - music, cinema, theatre, local food and fine wine.

Vega Sicilia

The story of Spain’s most famous wine estate began in 1848, when Toribio Lecanda bought a vast estate of 2000 hectares near the Douro from the Marquis de Valbuena. He became a winegrower in 1864 when his son brought back a selection of vine plants from Bordeaux. Wealthy owners would succeed one another without making Vega Sicilia a commercial business: the wine, considered the greatest in Spain since the 1920s, was primarily to show the prestige of its owner. The estate was acquired by the Alvarez family in 1982, and the legend of this exceptional wine was brought to light. Vega Sicilia is now known as the whim that became a myth.

Vega Sicilia wines have an identity rooted in history, they are wines of great elegance, finesse and complexity, designed in the style of the great Rioja wines, finely aged, crafted for optimal maturation and, while they have modernised with time, they have not lost anything of their excellence or great ageing potential.