This is one of the district’s stores. An ideal setting to unleash the imagination of pastry chef Yann Brys for traditional desserts and signature creations. Pastry chef Yann Brys. Best Craftsman of France in 2011, known for his emblematic swirl cakes, he leaves his signature on the sweet creations of the hotels Evok, Nolinski, Brach, Sinner and Cour des Vosges. Gourmet and daring, his pastry is both healthy and unconventional in addition to original, detailed and colourful.

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Yann Brys

When he was just a child, talented pastry chef Yann Brys was already helping his mother make the tasty treats that she would prepare for various occasions. He started his career with Philippe Urraca, awarded “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, before joining the teams at Fauchon where he discovered a demand and a different approach to taste. After this experience, he discovered the grand Parisian hotels such as the Concorde Lafayette or Le Bristol. But his attraction to Dalloyau led him to join the team there as an assistant to Pascal Niau, awarded “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, director of Research and Development. Yann Brys joined Evok Hôtels Collection in 2015 as Head Pastry Chef chairman of the group.


Alexis Beaufils

Alexis Beaufils began his apprenticeship in a traditional patisserie not far from Chartres and then joined Maison Dalloyau in 2010, where he spent 4 years perfecting his skills before joining Yann Brys’ Pâtisserie Tourbillon. After serving as Pastry Sous-Chef in a number of renowned Parisian restaurants and luxury hotels, including the Mandarin Oriental, Pavillon Le Doyen and the Bristol, he joined the Evok group in 2022 as Head Pastry Chef at the 5-star Brach Paris hotel. Forever striving for innovation and new ideas, he is keen to introduce people to Yann Brys’ sweet creations and share his passion with them.

Last October, Alexis was crowned World Confectionery Champion along with Florence Lesage.


Signature creations

Paris Brach

Brach tartelette citron yuzu

Lemon pie

Brach flan Simon Detraz


Brach calisson


Brach millefeuille





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