Clarins treatments


At Brach, originality, privacy, comfort and well-being are paramount. Brach has chosen Clarins for its 3 beauty suites including two duets suites, located on the 1st floor of this immense glass building. They are decorated in the inviting Brach style: alive with warm colors and raw, natural materials such as wood, leather, concrete, glass, marble, and metal. A selection of unique objects and artworks creates a welcoming atmosphere. These spaces invite visitors to take time out in a natural, gentle atmosphere for precious moments of calm.

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Clarins' expertise

Brach Paris has chosen expert treatments by Clarins.
Personalized treatments by Clarins subtly combine ultraperforming formulas enriched with active plant ingredients and the Clarins touch, based on 70 years of experience at the Institut Clarins. It’s an unparalleled sensory experience, for visible results. “Always at your side to take care of you.”
With a long tradition established at the Institut Clarins and unique skill, Clarins embodies advanced expertise and exceptional techniques. For an escape into pure well-being, Clarins offers a treatment menu combining formulas with plant extracts with highly effective techniques performed by expert aestheticians.<




Ultra relaxing aroma facial


This unique treatment makes it possible to disconnect from the outside world and gain a sense of balance once again. Clarins expert ‘Ayuroma Touch,’ combined with the power of plants and Clarins oils, invites you to escape and let go. Experience deep and complete relaxation thanks to a face and scalp massage. You will not only feel the treatment’s benefits, but you will see them as well: your skin feels softer and looks more beautiful.

60 MIN • €180


Youth expert


After a thorough skin diagnosis, this personalized treatment adapts to your skin’s needs and the beauty results you are looking for: from stressed skin to skin that lacks firmness, and skin weakened by hormonal changes. Regardless of one’s age, this treatment visibly reduces the look of first lines and those that have settled in it also smoothes features and promotes a refreshed look. Your skin is firmer, better toned, your complexion looks more luminous.

60 MIN • €210

Rebalancing massage with essential oils


This massage calms the body, restores energy and deeply soothes muscle tension. Variable deep pressure is gaged based on muscular tensions and your desires. Choose between ‘Tonic’ Oil to stimulate the body and mind or ‘Relax’ Oil to create a feeling of absolute relaxation.

60 MIN • €200
90 MIN • €250

Sports massage


A perfect massage for before and after exercise.

Beforehand, it warms up the muscles and optimizes their response time.
Afterwards, it reduces tension and muscle pain, enabling muscles to recover better.
Improves the response of the muscles, maintains perfect flexibility, and avoids any risk of inflammation of the tendons

60 MIN • €180
90 MIN • €250

Brach Signature massage


This body treatment is completely adapted to your needs and entirely personalized. Treat yourself to a moment of escape according to your desires.

50 MIN • €180

Brach spa manicure

Hands Beauty


Manicure clean by Manucurist
9-Free, vegan & cruelty free.

30 MIN • €55

Detox manicure by Manucurist
Only work on the nail

40 MIN • €65



Well-being as a new way of life. In keeping with its curious spirit, the Brach has selected a diverse range of experts and therapists to create a harmonious range of holistic treatments. Its treatment suites and centre encourage you to explore many ways to pamper yourself, your body and your mind. Whether it’s a transformative urban retreat or a facial treatment by a master facialist, each of the Brach practitioners serves as a guide on the path to well-being. A variety of practices on offer as part of an exploratory journey in the relaxed atmosphere of this unusual living space.


JetPeel treatment at the Brach. This cutting-edge technique naturally revitalises the skin by diffusing active ingredients into the deep layers of the epidermis without injections. It’s the perfect treatment for radiant, hydrated skin while boosting collagen production.


Reveal your face

In the lively atmosphere of the Sports Club Centre, comfortably seated in a treatment chair, you’ll receive the Reveal your Face massage, a genuine workout for your facial muscles. An energising treatment, devised by facialist Céline Nanot, combining detox, stretching and muscle toning to revive the complexion’s radiance and relax the facial features.