“Brach isn’t a hotel. It's a unique culture where poetic mysteries and fertile surprises nourish the imagination. Sensual and rigorous, minimal and motley, filled with raw and modernist romanticism which serves the multicultural influences of Africa, Asia and South America. It is an unusual place that invites you to explore and travel." Philippe Starck
Cultivated, energetic, epicurean and aesthetic, Brach is a true Paris treasure, part of its quarter, with its own codes and a personality and spirit in a healthy body.
Generous, family-like, it embodies the values of sharing and balance.


Brach hotel’s “birth certificate” reveals that it was a huge postal sorting centre from the 1970s. In this building, the visionary imagination of creator Philippe Starck was allowed to roam free in a surface area of 7000 m 2. The result was 1930s architecture meeting modernism, Bauhaus, Dada and the Surrealists. Warm colours, natural and raw materials such as wood, leather, concrete, glass, marble and metal. An enchanting selection of unusual objects, furnishings and works of art create a warm atmosphere. Brach hotel is at the same time: cultured, energetic, atypical, luxurious and a place where beauty and art flow together.



From the 1st to the 6th floor: 52 rooms ranging from 24 to 42 m2 create an inviting environment. The 1930s furniture and raw and natural materials are reminiscent of Brach hotel's modernist inspiration. Unusual objects and a selection of works of art are a gateway to culture. Guests have access to a plethora of books and novels, a mini concept store, the sports club, swimming pools, group lessons and rooms with or without terrace. A typically Parisian lifestyle and views!


The 5th and 6th floors of the Brach hotel have 7 suites ranging from 60 to 200 m2.
With a décor of wood, leather, glass and stone, these suites all open onto terraces overlooking Paris: offering views of 180° over the rooftops and the city, some suites even overlook the Eiffel Tower. Terraces are equipped with a Norwegian wood hot tub or jacuzzi
The 1930s furniture and raw and natural materials are reminiscent of Brach’s modernist inspiration. Unusual objects and a selection of works of art are a gateway to culture. A plethora of books and novels, a mini concept store, access to the sports club, swimming pool, group lessons ... A typically Parisian lifestyle and views!
Butler service, VIP welcome...
Available for private events. Suites can connect with each other, or with rooms to offer the space and configuration best suited to your professional or private event.


The 16th arrondissement of Paris is a timeless district, it has lived through fashions and trends with its renowned quality of life.
Its calm and bourgeois façade hides an arty design and welcoming facet. We stroll through its gardens, we learn from its museums, we explore its shops and markets, we relax in its cafés and we enjoy its gourmet dining.


Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche & Brach

In this setting with a refined décor, furnished with collector’s pieces filled with natural light, Le Bon Marché uses its expertise to help you for two hours, to find the perfect outfit, whether it’s for a special event, a unique gift, or for everyday life. Nothing can compare to the eye of a professional to perceive your personality, identify your perfect look, and choose outfits to bring it to life.

Suite Vibes

Enjoy an exclusive break in one of the Brach suites where you can celebrate your moments of life with friends. Around a barbecue or tailored buffet, whether offering Mediterranean or Japanese flavors, you create your own atmosphere. A personal bartender will also be at your disposal for 2 hours to accompany you as best as possible during your evening.


It’s as if the Brach kitchen garden has entered the terrarium that you can take back from your stay, after custom-making it to your specifications. The plants living in these glass bubbles need very little care. You’ll then enjoy dinner on the terrace for more of the green side of life!