At Brach, originality, privacy, comfort and well-being are paramount. Brach has chosen Kos and La Colline Homme for its two beauty suites, located on the second floor of this immense glass building. They are decorated in the inviting Brach style: alive with warm colors and raw, natural materials such as wood, leather, concrete, glass, marble, and metal. A selection of unique objects and artworks creates a welcoming atmosphere. These spaces invite visitors to take time out in a natural, gentle atmosphere for precious moments of calm. On the Sports Club level, you will find a Manucurist room for hand and foot care.



Brach Paris has chosen expert treatments by Kos Paris and La Colline Homme and the clean beauty colors of Manucurist.

Kos Paris stems from a passion for rare plants that are grown with respect to develop a line of natural high-end cosmetics combining the power of plant-derived active ingredients grown organically with rich textures, all while respecting the environment. The formulas are highly concentrated in active ingredients offering the best of moisturization, anti-aging, and youth protection.

La Colline develops its excellent formulas in the heart of the Swiss Alps, amidst extremely pure lakes and hills. Their secret is a subtle balance between the power of biotechnologies and the effectiveness of plant extracts combined with Swiss accuracy and standards. At Brach, La Colline offers an exclusive, complete, tailor-made ritual for a man’s face. In the expert hands of the aestheticians in the Spa, men can enjoy a refreshing break from daily life and appreciate the benefits of the Swiss mountains.

The Manucurist room in the Sports Club offers hand and foot care by Manucurist, the designer of clean nail polish and treatments. The brand offers colors that lift your mood, produced with love in France using the most natural ingredients possible.

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